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CareManager Home Software
Download Page
Click on CD Image Below

Download may go to your Download Folder - Open and find "caremanagerhome.msi" - Click to Run intall

Allow your PC to Install by Clicking OK, Allow, Continue or OK should you get a Windows
security popup or message, i.e.,  Publisher Unknown or  (a MS Windows thing), etc.

This is safe install and will cause no ISSUES to your computer during or after install

Upon completion you will see this Desktop Shortcut Image

1 - Click to Open CareManager Home - 2 - Click the Help Button on the Logon Screen
3 - Follow the Setup steps to Start Building your Case Record

Any Issues with Install CALL Support Toll Free 888-669-9697 Ext 3

System Minimum Requirements
Windows 486 processor or higher Windows 7, 8, 10
516 MB RAM-
100MB Free Disk Space- VGA Monitor Mouse

Product provides forms and information about the law.  We do not provide specific information for your exact situation. 
We can not not decide that our forms are appropriate for you. 
Because we can not decide which forms are best for your individual situation, you must use your judgement
and to the extenet that you believe appropriate, the advice or assistance of a para-legal or attorney