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Here is Your Gift of Free
Forms & Documents Included in Software
Print as many as you want (PDFs)

- Use as "Worksheets" to gather and record your important information
- Make "Record Books" in 3-ring binders for your family members
- Make Location known to ALL to have in-hand in case of a medical engergency
- Come back here to Print More Forms to "update" or change information (by hand again)


 - Purchase CareManager Home to enter all at your info at your PC keyboard
- Then you can manage, edit and modify and print all family records with up-to-date information

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May download to your Browser's Download Files
Each Form has a Graphic Cover / Category Page for your Convenience

Forms (PDF)

Personal Information     *Family Contacts     *Insurances
Physicians       *Physicians Office Visits
*Medications     *Hospitalizations     *Special Contacts

Medical History Checklist    *Documents Locator Report
                                                                         (Document Locator Record is 23 Pgs)

Documents (PDF)

*Advance Directives  *Organ Donations  *Powers of Attorney
*Medical Records Requests     *Special Forms & Requests


Price - $12.00 plus $3.00 S&H = $15.00
(Note:  S&H Charge added at end of purchase transaction) 
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 Thanks again for your time and visit

Product provides forms and information about the law.  We do not provide specific information for your exact situation. 
We can not not decide that our forms are appropriate for you. 
Because we can not decide which forms are best for your individual situation, you must use your judgement
and to the extenet that you believe appropriate, the advice or assistance of a para-legal or attorney