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Our vision is to generate a smarter and more comprehensive data-driven digital health history at the point of care.   


The current problem is that as patients move throughout a healthcare system, care teams struggle to gain and maintain a complete picture of their drug history, diagnoses, other physicians involved in their care, emergency care, hospitalizations, and social determinants.   We solve this problem. 

The elimination of paper forms is a big step to attaining a comprehensive data-driven digital health history.   


  • Replace paper health history and pre-certification forms with a comprehensive digital health history. 

  • Reduce reliance on patient’s memory. Conduct fewer frustrating encounters with patients by already having their digital health history in front of the care team. 

  • Eliminate record requests that may delay care. 

Instead streamline your health history processes using a solution that pre-populates the patient's responses using SMART on FHIR technology.  FHIR data sources from the EHR, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid populate the health history form to avoid record request delays and reliance on patient's memory. Utilize for new patients, returning patients, pre-certifications, admissions and more.

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SMART on FHIR health history

The Patient Access rule allows patients to share their Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid claims history with their healthcare providers using FHIR technology.  This is a game-changer for achieving an accurate health history for a patient.