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health history 

  • Medical records available regardless of hospital or care center patient receives treatment

  • COVID-19 Vaccine and Diagnosis Information

  • Know when a patient has stopped picking up a prescription 

  • Medicare approved vendor for 4-year health history

  • Improve care transitions from home to hospital and hospital to SNF or home health agency

  • Retrieve patient home device data in the EHR

  • Collect social determinants of health in the EHR

  • Effectively manage patient medication adherence


4-year health history

Medication Reconciliation and Adherence

Medications | Diagnosis

Out-of-Network Migration

Indicators and Predictions

African businesswoman analyzing statisti

Value-Based Care Metrics

HCC Coding Assist Tool

Risk Score | Benchmark

Cost and Utilization

Quality FHIR Get Calls


Patient-Generated Engagement

Events-Based Screening Interventions

RPM Device Data

Text Notifications

Interactive Health History


Medicare CCLF for ACO, DCE and PCF

Medicare DPC FHIR

Medicare Blue Button FHIR 

Medicare Advantage

Medicare ACO

Primary Care First (PCF)

Direct Contracting Entity (DCE)


•Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA)

•Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

•HL7 Lab

•Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT)

Other Payer



•Self-Insured Employer TPA


•RPM Device Data

•Events-Based Health Screening Interventions

•Text Notifications

•Interactive Health History

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