Health History on FHIR

Our Journey

Health Endeavors is an Arizona based healthcare technology development company.


In 2010, Health Endeavors developed a suite of solutions including population health analytics and quality measure performance reporting and tracking.


In 2015, we finished development of the value-based care patient profile embedded in the EHR patient record.


In 2018, we launched a FHIR Medicare Blue Button application “Get Your Health Record” for Medicare beneficiaries to share their 4-year health history with  healthcare providers for pre-certification, intake and admission processes and to their insurance agents to assist in processing their Part D and Medicare supplement insurance applications.  Medicare Blue Button was the largest FHIR data set ever made available to the healthcare industry and set the stage for Medicare Advantage and Medicaid FHIR data sets and the EHR SMART on FHIR integrations.


In 2021, our unique data experience positioned us to offer an interactive, comprehensive, and FHIR digital health history in the provider EHR workflow.

10+ Years delivering Medicare ACO analytics, quality metrics, and value-based care patient profile

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