Quick Learn
for Patients

Learn how to complete your electronic Health History Form

Step 1.
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Your Health History Invite

Your healthcare provider will send you an invite to Health History via text to your phone, email address, or, they will hand you a PDF of instructions. 

Once you receive your invite, you will go to your healthcare providers direct Health History link. 

Step 2

Login to your MyChart portal

You will be directed to the MyChart portal where you will login with your existing mychart credentials. If you do not have a MyChart account, you will be asked to sign up for one. 

Step 3

Grant Health History access to your elictronic medical chart data

Click continue to grant Health History access to the data that you authorize (during the next step). 

Step 4

Electronic medical chart Data you would like to share

By default, all categories are pre-selected to share. You may de-select categories you do not want to share (demographics and birth information is required to continue to your health history form).


Remember, the more data you share, the quicker your health history form completion process will be. 

Step 5
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Connect your Medicare claims data

For patient's 65 years and older, you will be asked to connect your data. Connecting your Medicare claims will auto-populate your Health History form with your list of diagnoses and medications. This will help alleviate time spent manually entering these fields. 

Your Medicare account

Once you click connect next to the Medicare connect option, you will be redirected to login to Medicare using your Medicare account credentials. Once access has been granted you will be redirected back to your Health History form. 




Health Encounters

Connecting your Medicare claims will also provide a list of your most recent health encounters. This gives your doctor insight to treatments and services you have received.

Step 6

Helpful tips when completing your Health History form. 

Some fields may not be editable, the data generated in this field may come from your EHR medical chart or, your insurance claims.  source type will display within the header E.g., EHR Resource or Consumer Added. ​​

If there are multiple sources available, it will display in the data details E.g., Claims or Consumer Added. 

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Step 7
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Manually add entries to complete your Health History form 

Fields will include an add button. This will allow you to manually enter data points such as, past and current symptoms, COVID-19 vaccines, and family history. 

Towards the end of the form, you will complete the questionnaires to the best of your ability. 

Step 8

Submit your Health History form

Once you have completed your entries, click on the submit Health History Form button to finish with the disclaimer notice. 


You have completed your Health History Form! 

Accessing your Health History Form

Keep the Health History form invite you received to access your form at any time. Your doctor will also resend the invite prior to your future follow-ups in order for you to make updates to your health history and questionnaire. 

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Step 9

Your doctor will now be able to review your Health History form to prepare for your upcoming appointment!