"Experience a smarter health history"

Our vision is for healthcare clinicians, staff, and patients to experience a smarter, more comprehensive, and interactive digital health history populated using FHIR resources and consumer responses.

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Medication reconciliations now take a fraction of the time as all data from all providers is instantly presented at the point of care, including prescriptions not picked up.

Social History


Collect and update social determinants, heath habits and family history in a digital format.

COVID-19 Diagnosis and Vaccine Status


Easily identify patient's treatment and vaccine history.

Health Encounters



Provider information for diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT and PET exams.

Emergency Visits

Redirect patients with avoidable emergency department visits to outpatient clinic settings.


Track emergency visits that lead to hospitalization or hospitalization that lead to a re-admission.

Primary Care and Specialist Providers

Easily locate all primary care and specialists involved in a patients care, the medications they have prescribed and frequency of encounters.

Home Health/Skilled Nursing Facility

After a patient is referred to a home health or a SNF, the nurses get quick access to a comprehensive patient history.



Upon admission, pre-certification, or new patient onboarding processes, the care team now has a complete diagnosis history, including COVID-19 diagnosis and vaccine status, diagnosing provider and location of service for such diagnosis.

Symptom Tracking


Patient and provider now have a method to track current and past symptoms.