Health History on FHIR

The Problem

The problem is as patients move throughout a healthcare system, providers often struggle to gain and maintain a complete picture of their drug history, diagnoses, other physicians involved in their care, emergency visits, hospitalizations, and social determinants. This results in reliance on a patient’s memory and record requests that may take weeks. 

Isn't it annoying going to the

doctor’s office and filling out forms every time? Doesn't our doctor keep our data from the last visit?  


Has your healthcare team heard this complaint enough?


The Solution

Time for a different approach using a solution that fills in the form using what already exists in the EHR chart.

Patients can take it a step further and add their claims data to generate an even more comprehensive health history form.


The patient can give feedback and add-on information. Easy to use at their next appointment in the clinic, hospital admission or any other encounter requiring a health history.

The Solution

Using groundbreaking FHIR technology, Health History on FHIR renders a comprehensive and interactive FHIR health history in the EHR provider workflow - where it matters most.


The patient logs in using their patient portal user credentials. The health history form is filled in using FHIR resources from the provider’s EHR. The patient then connects their Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid insurance claims to further fill in the form. The patient then interacts with the form and populated data.  The result is a comprehensive, interactive, reliable, and accurate health history.​


After the patient completes the form, the provider views it in the EHR by searching for the patient at their next encounter.  ​Providers improve quality of care by spending less time tracking down patient  records or relying on the patient’s memory for their medical history. Instead, they spend more time delivering better care and addressing patient needs during the visit.