Quick Learn
for Providers

Learn how to invite patients to complete their electronic Health History Form

Step 1.
HH button.png

Access Health History 

Within your EHR, go to the desired patient chart. From your menu, click the Health History button. 

Step 2

Invite your patient to complete the Health history form

The invite will auto-populate with the patients' text/SMS phone number or email (if available in the EHR chart). You may also enter an alternate contact method or print patient PDF instructions. 

HH Invite.png
Step 3

The patient invite message

Once your patient receives the invite message, they will click on your direct Health History link. This will direct them to login with their MyChart credentials where they will grant access to form. 

The patient will complete the form and submit it back to you.

Invite message.png
Step 4
View HH.png

You are ready to view the patients' Health History form

Once the patient has submitted their form. You will follow step 1 by going to the patient chart and clicking the Health History button. 

You will be able to see when the patient last updated their form. Click view to be directed to their completed Health History form. 

Step 5
Provider View.png

Review the Health History form

You can now review the patients' completed Health History form which includes their health history and health questionnaires such as, the social determinants of health.

Step 6
EHR source.png
consumer added 2.png
mult source.png

Helpful tips when reviewing the Health History form. 

If a field is generated by only one source, that source type will display within the header E.g., EHR Resource or Consumer Added. ​​

​If there are multiple sources available, it will display in the data details E.g., Claims or Consumer Added. 

Step 7

 Patient follow-ups

For patient follow-ups, complete the invite steps to request that the patient update their health history data and questionnaires prior to their next appointment.